I have been coming here for a few years, two cats and one very active large dog. Dr. Carlsen and Dr. Bhuta are the best. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vet, they always keep my pets best interest in mind and communicate effectively with me to answer any questions I have. The reception and nurses are also very  personable and friendly. Everyone here takes their time to get to know your pet. My dog loves coming here, he gets super excited and thinks it’s a party. Cats on the other hand, they don’t like going anywhere outside of the house, but they don’t mind it too much. My pets have always been treated very gentle and with great care here!

– Natasha R., Yelp

My three dogs have gotten the best of the best here. As far as I’m concerned you get what you pay for and in our case we’ve gotten a lot more than that. I would recommend anyone who loves their pet/s to bring them here.

– Jessica E., Google

Couldn’t be happier with the staff here. Thoughtful, available, kind and loving they clearly care deeply about animal welfare and do everything possible to make your pet happy, comfortable and healthy.

– Anna Louise W., Facebook

Maximilian is a very special cat for me since he was my Mom’s companion and she passed away three years ago.  In August 2016 Max had already being seen by at least three vets and they had given me no hope…. They had diagnosed him with lymphoma or cancer in his digestive system….to end the story he could not eat and not poo.  I took him to Dr. Carlsen….he did an exam and decided to remove a large tumor he had attached to his intestine…. He saved his life……the pathology of the tumor was not cancer ……. this  was so strange even for Dr. Carlsen ……. a few months later Maxi got sick again ( 5 months to be exact ) I pushed for a second surgery ….since Maxi had three tumors this time ……Dr. Carlsen did not want to perform this surgery …but since I am a twice time survivor of cancer and the Drs. gave me a second chance (survivor after 30 years ) …Dr. Carlsen performed the surgery….Maxi is healthy again….tumors were not cancer …..go figure…..

My opinion: he is the best Vet I could have ever found in my life, he is the angel who gives life to pets. I recommend him. He is busy but he has a great heart. If you are on the fence with your pet he is the best you can find.

– Gabrielle K., Yelp

Dr. Carlsen is hands down the best vet I have ever worked with. He has been my vet for over 20 years and is one of the reasons I began a dog daycare way before it became the huge industry that it is today. Since I work in the dog care industry and do rescue work as well, I have had hundreds of dogs in his care and I have always found him to be insightful and efficient. He has been able to diagnose issues with laser like precision where other vets have been clueless and is always reasonable with his pricing. Our first interaction was when he came to lecture for the West LA Obedience Club. His lecture was very impressive and I asked him about a skin condition that my yellow lab, Casey, was suffering from. I had been to several vets and no one was able to diagnose the issue or find a solution. He nailed it on our first visit with him. I can only give him, and his staff, the highest recommendations.

– Kimberly G., Google

Thank you Dr. Carlsen for saving my cat’s life many years ago. He was bitten by a dog the first vet I took him to missed his broken jaw, Dr Carlsen spotted it and operated on my cat to save his life. My cat always felt at ease when Dr. Carlsen walked in the room. I could tell he thought he was ”cool” and felt comfortable around him.

Now I have a dog and she is four years old. For her birthday last year she got full blood work and a check-up from Dr. Carlsen. He is practical in what he recommends, he doesn’t over medicate or overtreat. I could go on and on. He was referred to me by two friends, both of them have been going to him for decades. I feel comfortable knowing I have a doctor who can help my dog if she has any health problems.

– Tinker R., Yelp

Doctor Carlsen is always so happy to see my pet and me! He and his staff care so much and always do a wonderful job making my cat feel relaxed and comfortable. This is a group with a passion for animals and state of the art technology. I’ve been going there for 20 years!

– DeAnne T., Facebook

Dr. Carlson, Dr. Bhuta and their staff are amazing.  They have done excellent diagnostic work with all my cats, over many years.  Dr, Bhuta has brought my cat’s Danny’s symptoms back into something I can live with.  When this same cat was literally catatonic after watching the paramedics take my husband out of the house, Dr. Carlson took him in, sat with him and kept him overnight.  He came around. These people are cat whisperers. I would not go anywhere else.

– Colleen F., Yelp

Have been going to Dr. Carlsen for years, with six different animals, four cats and two dogs. He has been nothing but kind, caring, and very, very smart. I, too, have had an excellent experience there and would recommend him highly. No,he’s not the cheapest vet you could have, that’s true. But I find him worth every penny. I feel very confident about his diagnoses and attention to my pets. I’d also like to add that his front office staff are smart, efficient and sympathetic. It’s tough having a sick animal, but when I have to go there, I know they have their best chance to get well.

– Bonnie M., Google

We have been coming here to see Dr. Carlson since our dog was a puppy, and now she’s 15.  Dr. Carlson and his staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.  They even stay late when we need to come in unexpectedly.  They will do same day appointments and drop offs.

– Jennifer B., Yelp

Dr. Carlsen is THE BEST diagnostician and vet in LA. I have worked with several vets in the LA area and every time it’s complicated I make the 1 hour drive to see him. If I lived closer I would never use another vet. I’ve been going to Dr Carlsen for 17+ years and my pets have always had interesting challenges as I adopt the sickest ones at the shelter. I’ve presented him with some really tough cases over the years and pets that we originally thought would only live 6 months because of their poor health would live 2 or more years, happy and healthy all because of Dr Carlsen. He has an encyclopedic mind and doesn’t over medicate.

His team is also the best in town and many have been with him for a long time. It’s refreshing to see long-term staff at a vet hospital, most have really high turnover and people with minimal experience. This team really knows their medicine and are great with pets and humans alike. They all work together to make the hospital the best in LA. My pets may go in nervous but they leave kissing everyone!

– Kristi S., Google

I have a rescue that is a Newfoundland mix that has major allergy issues.  Had taken her to several other veterinarians including an allergy specialist but wasn’t happy with how it was going.  Dr Carlsen really zoned in on the problem in a straightforward and logical way.  Molly still has allergies but it is under control with diet and medication and she is a very happy dog again.  He is happy to either sell medications or write a prescription (if needed) to buy them online.  The staff is great and the office is run well.  He is across town for me but worth the drive for the care my dog is getting.  I find his prices very fair compared to what I was paying for services at other veterinarians and he has done a couple of follow up visits for no charge.

– Doug C., Yelp